All you need to know about Beginner Cardio Workout
With the help of beginner cardio workout you will be able to make your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. These types of exercises generally include an increase in the rate of the heart beat of the person exercising for a certain period of time. Besides enhancing and strengthening your cardiovascular system, these cardio related exercises also help in eliminating excess fat of your body, enhance your blood flow and also help in keeping your emotional and mental health at a better stage. Given the fact that the cardio workouts are primarily related to the heart, you should be very careful about not overdoing them. In order to get healthy results out of your beginner cardio workout you first need to understand how much of exercise you can handle at one stretch. Make sure to have an idea about the ideal rate of heart beating during the cardio sessions to ensure a safe workout. Below are described some of the most easy to do cardio exercises for people who are just beginning.
Exercises to warm you up:
Before you start with any of the exercises of beginner cardio workout it is important that you warm up your body to make sure it does not get injured in the process of the exercises. Stretching exercises are good for warming up your body. They also help you to enhance the circulation process of blood and thus make the body ready for the upcoming exercises. People often ignore this warming up phase and this prevents them from availing the maximum benefit out of doing cardio exercises. You should perform a combination of dynamic and static stretching exercises at the beginning. Static stretches include holding a particular position for some 20 seconds or around it and dynamic stretches include more than a single position. If you are doing hamstring stretch then it is a static stretching exercise and in this stretching you simply sit down and try to touch your toes. On the other hand, swinging arms, knee lifts, twisting the torso and half squats can be cited as examples of ballistic exercises.
Walking is an ideal beginner cardio workout that is not very intense and thus is perfect for people who are just beginning. You will not need any extra materials for performing this exercise and it will make your heart beat faster. You can do this exercise for 4-5 days every week and if you continue this for a period of time then it will certainly boost up your energy. As you continue doing this exercise you can improve the intensity of your walking routine by walking for longer distances or walking up hills. In case you have a treadmill you can use it to enhance the position of the ramp and make the workout more intense.
Jump Rope and Jumping Jacks:
After you finish walking you can do some more beginner cardio workout that will elevate the rate of your heartbeat quite significantly. Jumping rope and jumping jacks are good exercises that can be done after walking and they will not only strengthen your legs but also will help the upper part of your body get some movement. They are quite simple to perform and you will not need any elaborate equipment to do these exercises. In fact you can perform the jumping rope without even taking help of a rope and just by jumping at a regular pace.
Cooling down:
This is a significant part of the beginner cardio workout process as it helps the body to cool down. Once you are finished with your cardio you need to cool your body down. If you were doing cardio by running then you can simply walk after you have finished running to cool down your body. The aim of the cooling down process is to make sure that your heart beating rate is back to normal.
These are some of the workouts that can be easily done by beginners of cardio exercises. Make sure you drink enough water after you finish your workout as it is important to stay hydrated. Another thing to keep in mind is once you start the cardio exercises make sure to do them every day and without taking any breaks.

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