Top 10 Benefits of Weight Lifting to Women
There are many myths about women and weight lifting. The top rumour that does the rounds are that women will develop muscular hands and legs like that of a man if they lift weight. It is the 21st century, and we need to free ourselves of these rumours. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 benefits of weight lifting to women and break free from all the wrong myths.
Before jumping into the benefits, it is important to note that weight training should be done under expert’s guidance only. If you are a beginner in the case of lifting iron and you start off with the wrong weights or follow the wrong process, you may be harmed for life. Also, while lifting weights, keep in mind not to overdo it. This too, may harm you and cause damage in unimaginable ways.
Now, without further ado, let us see what are the benefits of weight lifting to women.
1. Works wonders in weight loss
Weight training burns more calories than any other forms of exercise. By lifting weights, women can see a remarkable drop in their hips and weight measurement. Moreover, weight training uses up all the fats stored in your body and beats the cardio exercises that women have been concentrating on for ages. According to many researches, women who strength train can effectively lose 3.5 pounds of fat and gain 4 pounds of muscle in a week.
2. Adieu Bulkiness. Hello Strength!
As stated earlier, women avoid strength training mainly due to the mis concept of gaining a bulky appearance. But the fact is, to look ‘bulky’ a body needs to have testosterone. Luckily, women do not produce testosterone; instead they have bodies full of oestrogen and progesterone. So, no matter how much weight you pick up, you won’t ever be as bulky as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, you will be gaining as much strength as your partner and even challenge them in weight lifting.
3. Benefits of weight lifting in women includes a ‘Toned body’
You can opt for cardio and other free hand exercises if you are looking for a slim body. But, if you want a well-toned body, you need to seek help from weight training. A mixed workout that includes cardio and strength training works just perfect to burn excess fat and reach the goal of a toned body even faster. Just to boost you up, J Lo does cardio and weight training together, which is why she has the perfect fat and perfect muscles to look that good even at that age!
4. Boosts Your Metabolism
Having a proper metabolism is extremely important for many processes, weight loss being the top. The benefits of weight lifting in women include getting that proper metabolism boosted up, so your fats can leave your body and you can get those perfect curves you have been waiting for.
5. Strengthens your joints
Weight training in women has been proven beneficial in strengthening the tissues and joints. Strong joints and ligaments prevent you from a major disaster from a small accident. It will also save you from being injured by daily tasks and will even boost up your sporty side.
6. Takes away your back pain
The benefits of weight lifting to women also include a reduction in acute back pain and an improved posture. Often back pain can affect one’s posture, and as we all know, maintaining a proper posture is very important. Weight training will add strength to your back muscles, core and shoulders and help you to correct bad posture. A strong back and core will automatically result in a reduced back pain.
7. Weight lifting will lift your mood
As hard as it may seem, weight lifting can actually lift your mood and reduce stress. Weight lifting releases neurotransmitters like endorphin which in turn improve your mood and fight depression. So, if you ever feel depressed or down, lift some iron and you will be good to go!
8. Protects your heart
A good weight training session can improve a patient’s Coronary Artery Disease. Cardio is not advised to people with heart issues, but weight lifting is extremely beneficial in increasing one’s heart muscle strength and endurance.
9. Lets you flex like a flamingo!
Well, a flamingo may not flex much, but you can, if you lift weights. Repeated stretching and contraction lead to improved muscle flexibility. So, aim for a few stretching exercises along with strength exercises to get the curves and stretch flexibly.
10. Weight Lifting makes you sleep better
The most important among the benefits of weight lifting to women is that weight training allows you to get a better sleep. Want to know how? Weight training drains out all the energy from the body, so, when you come home, you are sure to sleep like a baby. Also, your muscles rejuvenate when you sleep better, so you can start afresh the next day and lift much more.

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