10 Tips to get a Flatter Belly in 2 weeks without any Exercise
We know how stubborn belly fat can be and how hard it is to shed off those extra kilos off your midzone. We have read almost all the articles that tell us how to get a flatter belly in 2 weeks. But sadly, all our efforts have gone in vain. Yes, maybe we did shed some fat, but a flatter belly? Not that easy.
Spot reduction doesn’t work well in case of reducing your tummy, and neither do ‘flat belly foods.’ Wait, are ‘flat belly foods’ even a thing? We don’t think so. Hence, we have come up with the 10 best tips to get a flatter belly in 2 weeks, that too without any exercise! Could it be any better?
Hold your breath and hop on!
1. Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise!
It may just be a commonsensical poem, but to get a flatter belly, this should be your mantra. If you are thinking that going to bed early will help you skip on those midnight snacks, you are absolutely right, my friend. But you are unaware of the bigger picture. If you miss out on a full night’s rest, your metabolism will slow down. This will in turn decelerate the calorie burning process. So, if you want to see ‘flatter’ results in 2 weeks, you need to shut your eyes for 7 hours.
2. Do not skip meals!
Many people believe that skipping on meals will help them get rid of that double chin and family pack abs. As disbelieving it may seem, this is absolutely wrong! Skipping meals will disturb your metabolism process and your calories will burn slower. So, instead of welcoming a flatter belly in 2 weeks, you will be looking at a fuller one. If you want to achieve a toned look, eat your meals on time, especially the breakfast.
3. Pose a poised posture
Doesn’t that sound beautiful? We’ll let you in on a secret. Straightening your posture helps to tone your stomach muscles. From now on, remember to stand tall and let your posture do the hard work!
4. Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is the key to many things. It will help you lose weight, get a glowing acne-free skin, keep you healthy and will give you a flatter belly in 2 weeks! Drinking lots of water throughout the day helps to keep your stomach full. So, when you finally start eating, you won’t have much space for food. This way, you will not only intake less carbs, you will also skip on the extra evening snacks.
5. Take your time while eating
Many researches have shown that people who eat slowly tend to have more effective weight loss than other people. While eating rapidly, you swallow gulps of air down your throat which give you a bloated feeling. Also, throating down meals can lead to gas and indigestion. So, from the next time you have a meal, make sure to chew at least 10 times before swallowing your food.
6. Choose red and ditch green
Red fruits have proven to be more effective when you aim to get a flatter belly. This means, choose an apple over a cucumber, watermelon over pears, red grapes over the green ones. The flavonoids present in these fruits are more active in breaking down belly fat. With these in your diet, you can boast a flat belly in no time!
7. Stay caffeinated
Black coffee lovers are sure to love this! Caffeinated coffee contains elements that help to remove excess water from the body. Plus, they help to ease down stress. So, when you feel that you are overtly stressed, relax your nerves with some black coffee.
8. Bid goodbye to gums
Chewing on gum makes you swallow puffs of air just like eating fast does. If you intend to get a flatter belly in 2 weeks, give up your gums. Chewing a mint is better and won’t stop you from squeezing into your favorite pair of jeans.
9. Take a walk
Everyone is busy and no one has time to go on walks or exercise. But if you want a better-looking body, try to take out a minimum of 30 minutes from your busy schedule for walking. Your lower body will be in motion and you can easily shed off those extra kilos.
10. Relax!
It may not sound so relevant when you want to get a flatter belly, but it is. Our body needs time to rejuvenate. If you are constantly tired, you cannot reap positive results.
Follow our easier-than-ever tips and be the proud owner of a flatter belly in 2 weeks.

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