The Ultimate Guide on How to Tone Arms in a Week

The present generation craves for slim and toned, yet curvy figures. With all the junk foods stealing your attention, we know how difficult it is to get that figure or even maintain that figure. We believe that maintaining a curvy figure is much more difficult than getting one. The reason behind us believing this is that if you decide that you want to do something, then nothing in this world can stop you from achieving it. You are your greatest driving force. So maybe its time to stop eating that Extra Cheese Pizza and pick up a dumbbell.
Its November and the wedding season is about to begin. Now you wouldn’t want to look fat in your overtly priced dress, would you? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Read along to find the greatest tips on losing those extra kilos.
In this article we have focused on how to tone arms in a week. Our arms are even more stubborn than our bellies and toning them is a tough job. So, get your dumbbells ready and follow us.
Step 1: Start with an overall weight-loss strategy
The technique that concentrates on the weight reduction of any specific body part is called spot reduction. Despite this technique being common in the fitness world, many people have found it to be ineffective.
So, we have come up with a better plan.
Start focusing on overall weight loss and do the exercises that focus on toning your arms.
To start with the overall weight loss, you need to change your entire diet.
• Choose green tea instead of black tea or coffee in the morning.
• For breakfast, eat oats/cereals, along with two eggs (without the yolk) and a fruit of your choice.
• Have a carb-free and fat-free light lunch.
• For dinner, opt for chicken soup or a vegetable salad.
If you feel like munching on something, have nuts. But be careful not to have too many of them as they will put back all the calories you have lost.
This diet will help you see results within a week and you will already be walking with beautifully toned arms.
Step 2: Weight Lifting to your rescue!
Your arms won’t look beautiful if you just lose overall body weight. They need to be toned in order to give you that perfect look. So, pick up your dumbbells and stop worrying about how to tone arms in a week.
• DUMBBELL PUSH PRESS – For this, you need to stand straight with your feet pushed a bit away form each other. Keep your arms at your shoulder and start pushing them upwards and back to your shoulders.
• BENT-OVER FLY – Keep your feet hip-width apart and bend downwards with your hands towards the ground. Now, start moving your hands towards your shoulder and push them back towards the ground.
• SUMO SQUAT – With your feet at a distance and toes pointed outwards, squat down like a sumo with your hands hanging in front. Pull your arms towards your chest while rising up on your feet. Slowly drop back down to your squat and repeat.
• LATERAL RAISE – With your feet kept close to each other and your knees slightly bent, raise your arms directly to your sides and bring them back down. You never know, it might also help you practice how to fly!
Step 3: Set a Sleep Schedule
Believe it or not, sleeping is essential for weight loss. Sleep can even be marked important especially when you are thinking of how to tone arms in a week.
Several studies have revealed that sleep plays a crucial role in regulating one’s appetite and can also enhance weight loss.
If you are thinking of how to tone arms in a week, try to sleep and wake up at the same time for at least a week. Another thing to note in this case is, while sleeping you should also try to avoid any disturbances – that will help you sleep better and enhance your arm-toning procedure.
Step 4: Keep Yourself Hydrated
As stated in all the weight loss articles, staying hydrated is the key. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to kick the ‘how to tone arms in a week’ question out of your mind. Many researches state that drinking enough water results in fullness and you thus consume less food, which ultimately results in an effective weight loss.
The Bottom Line
If you strictly follow the above-mentioned tips, you will surely end up with beautifully toned arms in a week. After this, if you want to look even more fit, keep up the routine.

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