Exercises for women over 40 should do weekly
If you are a woman who has turned 40 then you might already be missing your younger days. You were slim and never had to deal with weight gain issues in spite of not giving much attention to exercises and fitness regimes. However, once you turn 40, the scenario changes. You start to gain weight and you actually have to invest time in exercises for women over 40 should do weekly to remain in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It might be difficult for a woman over 40 and with family and job to make time to go the gym regularly. This is why it is important to have knowledge about certain exercises that can be done at home at one’s free time. There are plenty of such exercises for women over 40 should do weekly and below is a list comprised of such exercises.
It is important to motivate your metabolism rate once you cross the threshold of 40 to make sure you remain in shape. Doing high intensity cardio workouts is a great way to gear up your rate of metabolism. With doing Burpees you will be able to make sure that your metabolism rate does not drop off. You should do this particular exercise twice or once each week. You can start with one set of three repetitions and then add another set of repetition every time. However, make sure that you do not stress yourself out too much.
Even if you were blessed with a firm backside without doing any proper exercise, it is most likely that you will start to lose it by the time you reach 40 as the muscle masses will decrease. In order to hold the firmness of your backside you need to do squats, which is another exercises for women over 40 should do weekly. In order to do a proper squat you need to keep you back straight and put maintain your knees right about your feet. This exercise will help you in toning your entire body and will also prevent any kind of unwanted injury as it would make your body more flexible.
It is very likely that you will be attacked by back pain once you get into your 40s. In order to deal with it and prevent it you need to do squats. Doing squats for 90 seconds on 3 times per week basis will help you to tone out all the primary muscles of your body. It will further help in strengthening your abs, the chest muscles and the muscles that surround the spinal cord. With this exercise you whole midsection will get tightened and it will also support the lower back area of your body.
You can be attacked by chronic joint pain after you turn 40. Thus you should start doing strength training as one of the exercises for women over 40 should do weekly to prevent this kind of pain from taking place. You will not need to spend several hours to life heavy weights. You can simply do overhead presses or deadlifts with 1-3kgs in each of your hands and for 2-3 times a single week. It will bring in amazing results for your body.
Glute Bridge:
Most of the offices require us to sit in a single position for long hours. This can result in the deactivation of the glutes of our bodies and that will eventually slow down the rate of the body burning calories by itself. It means that your metabolism rate will fall and contribute to you gaining fat. With the help of the exercise Glute Bridge your butt will work and it will also open up if there is any kind of tightness in that region due to sitting for a whole day. This particular exercise from an array of exercises for women over 40 should do weekly will help you to let your glutes rest.
These are some of the exercises that you will be able to on your own in your free time if you are a woman over 40. However, try to maintain a consistent exercising routine to achieve the best results.

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