Machine-Free Simple Exercises to Lift Sagging Breasts

All women wish their breasts were bigger, firmer and perkier. The only assured way is to use ‘the knife’ or buy yourself the best push-up bra. But, lets just be honest, these are way too expensive and the maximum we girls would go is just check the price.
In this article, we have curated the 6 machine-free simple exercises to lift sagging breasts and your mood too! With these steps you will not only get fuller and firmer breasts, but you can also indulge in buying a luxury push-up bra and make yourself look even more great. These moves will highlight your curves within a short span of time and draw all the attention towards you.
Now gather your breath and start exercising, but let us first have a look into the causes of breast sagging.
Causes of Breast Sagging:
1. Aging – As you tend to get older, your breasts will naturally sag. A very particular change can be noticed especially during menopause.
2. Gravitational Pull – Gravity has been pulling your breasts downwards since the time eternity! It has to have some effect!
3. Smoking – The elastin fibres present in a human’s body is effectively broken down by carcinogens. So, the more you smoke, the saggier your breasts will tend to be.
4. UV Rays – When you plan on getting a good tan, you expose your body to sunrays which contains UV rays. These UV rays also affect your elasticity.
5. Lack of proper support – Years of wearing the wrong bra, or a non-wired bra will result in saggy breasts. The reason is that even your breasts need proper support to maintain the shape and firmness. So, if you don’t want your breasts to sag by the time you turn 40, start wearing the right bra.
Enough being said about the reasons behind your breasts sagging, let us take a look into the 6 exercises that’ll help you bring them back to beauty.
6 Machine-Free Simple Exercises to Lift Sagging Breasts:
1. The Cobra Pose
We need to warmup our bodies before starting with the hardcore exercises. The cobra pose does just that besides helping you achieve firmer breasts.
• Step 1 – Lie down on your stomach with your feet extended straight.
• Step 2 – Place your hands under your shoulders and tuck your elbows inwards.
• Step 3 – Lift your head above the ground, gradually raising your chest while drawing your shoulders backwards.
• Step 4 – Hold your position for 30 seconds. Repeat.
2. Pushups will help you push them up!
Believe it or not, pushups work amazingly for a great range of muscle toning. They affect your whole-body weight and even target your pectoral muscles.
• Step 1 – Keep your body in a plank position with your core tight.
• Step 2 – Slightly bend your elbows. Push yourself towards the ground.
• Step 3 – Raise yourself up and back to the plank position. Repeat.
3. Traveling Plank
Planks are extremely beneficial for you. If you add a movement to that, you can make it even more beneficial. So, while doing this exercise concentrate on your chest muscles and it’ll improve your sagging breasts.
• Step 1 – Keep your body in the plank position. Make sure that your torso is straight and firm.
• Step 2 – Now, slowly lift your right hand and place it to your right. Then pick your right leg and do the same.
• Step 3 – Come back to the first position and repeat the same with your left hand and left leg.
4. Raise your rear laterally
This exercise, besides being one of the most simple exercises to lift sagging breasts, is a great way to achieve toned and beautiful arms. So, gear up and follow the steps to get the perfect breasts and arms.
• Step 1 – Bring your feet close and stand straight.
• Step 2 – Now bend your knees slightly forward and push your hips backwards until your torso is parallel to the ground.
• Step 3 – Push your hands forward and stretch them.
• Step 4 – Come back slowly to the first position and repeat.
5. Yoga
Yoga is one of the simple exercises to lift sagging breasts without the use of machines or other gym props. Yoga lifts your breasts, firms them and helps you to get the perfect round shape. The triangle pose and the standing forward pose are especially beneficial for attaining the perfect breasts.
6. Swimming will go a long way!
Swimming is another beneficial exercise to give shape to and lift your breasts. It does not only affect your whole-body weight in just one hour of practice, it also effectively reduces the sagginess and makes your breasts look firm and shaped. The butterfly stroke and the back stroke are specifically beneficial if you intend to work on your breasts.

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