Ways as to how Tuberculosis is diagnosed
Tuberculosis is known to affect the patient in two ways. In the beginning, when the patient is affected by the disease, it is tough to understand the symptoms or diagnosed it.
In the second stage, TB will be infectious because of the virus, which by nature, it is known to be airborne, and a person will be known to suffer from the disease.
According to the Center for Disease Control have concluded that globally, 9 million are suffering from TB, and 9582 people in the US in 2013 are suffering from it. In most case, at an early stage of TB is the best way to treat it.
Symptoms of TB that is basic
The Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
Early Symptoms of TB
During this period, a person will be attacked by different infection; thus, the virus will not be detected at his stage.
Advanced Symptoms of TB
When one starts coughing and spitting out yellow sputum, it means that the virus has started becoming active. Also, there will be a pain in the chest and even loss of appetite.
Advanced Symptoms of TB
At this stage, when the virus affects the lymph node, which is around the neck, one may experience pus that is filled with lesions. Also for active TB one may get fatigued quickly, have a high fever and lose weight,
Various Tuberculosis diagnosed Test
Blood Test
The blood test is mostly recommended by the doctors, and it would be studied and checked on how it reacts to the TB virus.
Sputum –Test
A small amount of sputum is taken, tested, and later be cultured. After the test is ready, it will determine if the virus is present or not.
At the initial stage, the sputum color becomes green or yellow; thus, the test is known to be one of the most effective in diagnosing tuberculosis.
The TB skin disease
The test is carried out by the doctors to determine patient level on the condition. Tuberculin is injected in a person under the skin, and after a few days id the skin is swollen then one has TB.
X-Rays Test
X-Ray is another test that some doctors prefer, and they individually check if the chest and the lungs are affected by TB. In the linkage area, if the X-Ray shows white spots, it indicates that one is infected with the disease.

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