Causes, classification, and symptoms of blocked Airways Lungs
Do you want to know what causes blockage in airways and some of the disease that results to that?
Definition of Airway obstruction
It becomes to breathe freely when part of the air passage is blocked due to some reasons.
It is a condition where respirations through airways is blocked and stop the air from reaching the lungs.
Classification of Airway obstruction
The blocked Airways Lungs
Lower airway blockage: when there’s the increase of resistance and decrease radius in the bronchioles present in the lungs then it is described as the lower airway blockage. As a result, in every breathe the amount of inhaled air lessen and also the amount of oxygen reaching pulmonary arteries is reduced. Obstructive lung disease is one of the conditions that is associated with lower airways blockage, and some are life-threatening.
Complete airways obstruction: Here in the airways air is not allowed at all, and when it happens, it is impossible for one to breathe.
Upper airway blockage: In most cases, it happens in the upper part of the airways, which can be trachea, throat, or even voice. It may cause epiglottis, paralysis of vocal cord, foreign body aspiration, and pertussis, among others.
Blocked Airways Lungs symptoms
Breathing noises
Gasping of air
Agitation and panic
Difficulty in breathing
Airways Blockage causes I the Lungs
Bacterial and viral infection
Cystic fibrosis
Collapse of tracheal wall called tracheomalacia
Chronic bronchitis
Swelling of vocal cords
Allergic reactions
Trauma to their way from an accident
Constant smoking
When there is a combination of bronchospasm, mucus plugging, scarring, inflammation of airways and increased mucus, it makes the airways to become ultimate narrowed and obstructed very often causing the blockage of the airways.

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