How pneumonia and smoking are related to each other
Smoking and pneumonia are related to each other because they can destroy the tiny hair or the cilia found on the upper respiratory tract.
The barrier against infections caused by bacteria and pollutants is destroyed, and as a result, it makes the immune system weak, and a person can become susceptible to pneumonia.
Effect of Smoking
When one smoke streptococcus pneumonia bacteria is allowed, and it spread very fast to the lungs that make an increase of other lung infection and pneumonia.
Additionally, pneumonia and smoking of tobacco smoke are described to contain substances like nicotine and tobacco that damage other organs of the respiratory system and lungs. When it happens, it makes s the mechanism that defends the body to become weak and the person who smoke become susceptible to pneumonia.
In the lungs, pneumonia is one of the most common diseases that is known, and in the United States, millions of people are affected by the disease every year.
Further, for those men and women who smoke more than 20 cigarettes every day have a considerable risk of getting pneumonia. To prevent further bouts of pneumonia, quite g smoking is the best way to start the treatment.
Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic smoking can be beneficial to those people who want to quit smoking because it does not contain any harmful substances. Further provides someone with the alternative equipment of tobacco that will help a lot with the addiction.
When one to smoke the defense against virus and bacteria is harmed; thus, there can be the development of pneumonia. In most cases, disease 50% is known to be caused by the bacterium and the pneumonia is called pneumococcal pneumonia. Lungs can be damaged due to heavy smoking, and as a result, there can be an infection.
Drinking more fluid, stopping to smoke, and getting more rest can help with the dreadful condition and stop the lungs from getting more harm to them. Preventing pneumonia in its initial stage is very important; it will reduce damage.
Consuming supplements and healthy food in your diet can also help to boost your immune system. To prevent the infection, stopping smoking is one of the best strategies to use to stop the disease from progressing further. It will mean giving a chance to the lungs to heal. Also, if it is difficult to quit smoking one can use the electronic cigarette because they don’t have the harmful chemicals

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