Facts about Chronic Bronchitis

If you smoke, there is a very high risk for one to get different respiratory diseases. The major cause of these respiratory diseases is smoking and chronic bronchitis is one of those diseases.

Below are some of the few facts that one needs to know about chronic bronchitis and its awareness.

The meaning of Chronic Bronchitis

It is known to be a respiratory disease where the lining of the airways characterizes it and inflamed bronchial to the lungs.

There is the production of thick mucus due to the reduction of air passage to and from the lungs. The result of the thick phlegm is it creates a blockage of airways in the lungs that will result in difficulty in breathing.

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Smoking –it is known to be the leading cause

The primary cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking and second-hand smoking. Other causes include

Expose to more pollution, and it is straightforward to get chronic bronchitis mostly from air pollution.

Infection and allergies people are in a very high risk of getting lung disease.

Viral infection and bacteria also cause the disease, and they can worsen the condition or cause enormous damage.

People who are at significant risk in getting the chronic bronchitis

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Chronic bronchitis can affect any people regardless the age. However, adults over 45 years, young children, older adults, and infants are a group which is mostly affected. Further people working in grain handling industries, textile manufacturing, and coal mining are at a very high risk of getting chronic bronchitis when they are mostly exposed to the chemicals.

Treatment option for chronic bronchitis

According to people they consider the disease not to be a life –threating disease. However, if the condition is left untreated for a long time, the results will be a considerable amount of mucus will be released into the tube; thus breathing will be a problem.

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One should be aware of the symptoms of the lungs and seek medical attention as soon as possible before it gets more serious.

For treatment, most doctors prefer oxygen therapy, which will make breathing easier.Also, one should avoid the exposure of irritants like bacteria and germs, which can cause the condition.

Lastly, change of lifestyle can also help like consuming a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and also limiting yourself from air pollution.

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