Be familiar with some Attention-grabbing Facts about Gonorrhea

Want to be familiar with about Gonorrhea, here the description is
• Also known by the name of “the clap”, it is a sexually transferred disease concerning many people all over the world.
• It is a very hazardous disease and if left uncured, it can result in infertility in both men and women.
• Even if the women develop pregnancy with gonorrhea, it can turn out to be a medical emergency.
Here are some mind-blowing facts about Gonorrhea:
• Gonorrhea is one of the critical sexually transmitted diseases. [Severity Of Gonorrhea]
• Every year, around 700,000 people acquire gonorrhea in the United States.
(Interesting Fact about Gonorrhea)
• In any sexually involved person, the ailment transmits through vagina, penis, anus or even mouth.
• The ailment can even be transmitted to the baby from mother during parturition.
• Anyone who play a part in unprotected sex can get gonorrhea.
• Gonorrhea if left uncured, can create severe and everlasting health troubles.
• People who are suffering from gonorrhea are highly prone to acquire HIV.
• People who are contaminated with HIV are more probable to transmit HIV to somebody else.
• A number of antibiotics are available to cure gonorrhea, but the absolute removal is very difficult.
• If you are in doubt that you have gonorrhea, straightaway stop having sex and turn to your doctor.
• It is not essential for ejaculation to take place to get gonorrhea.
• Once you are detected with gonorrhea and initiated the treatment, you should go for re-testing after 3 months.
• Make sure to avoid having sex till the treatment is completed.
• Burning sensation while urinating, discharge from the penis which is yellow, white or green in color, swollen or painful testicles, altogether indicate that you might have acquired gonorrhea.
• There are some methods of birth control like implants, birth control pills, diaphragms, shots, etc. which may not safeguard you from acquiring gonorrhea.

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