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Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted illness, instigated by a protozoan, located in the vagina and urethral tissue.
Usually this disorder can be treated in both men and women. Roughly trichomaniasis affects 5 million individuals every year in US.
This is the most general and treatable reason of vaginal infection in women. Alike other STDs, this ailment is transmitted through vaginal contact.
This disorder often doesn’t display any indications and simply cured. The use of condoms or dental dams can lessen the threat of acquiring the infection from your partner.
Even though their usage is sturdily reinvigorated, however they are not 100% safe in shielding against the disease.
Cure for STD Trichomoniasis
Don’t be frightened even if you are detected with this ailment as there is a absolute treatment for STD Trichomoniasis.
Here is the remedy for STD Trichomoniasis:
Trichomoniasis is usually cured with recommendation of antibiotics, such as metronidazole or tinidazole.
Creams and gels can also be recommended to put them in your vagina, but oral medicines are much more efficient as compared to vaginal gels and creams.
Both you and your mate should be treated before undergoing unprotected sex. If your mate is not treated, then you may have the probability of getting the contagion again. If you have more than one sex companion, all should be treated before attempting the sex again.
Some patients may suffer from some side-effects from these antibiotics, such as:
Metallic taste
Along with antibiotics, there are some complementary remedies available, but these remedies are not known to be beneficial and there is no robust scientific confirmation that aids their use.
So, you should not use only home-based therapy as an alternative of any doctor’s prescription, i.e. without using any antibiotics, etc.
Unaided home–based therapy can trigger the infection to spread further and can make the situation even worse.
Here some methods are described to be followed, accompanied by prescribed medicines for treatment of STD Trichomoniasis:
Natural douches one time in a day while lying in warm bath may help with your ailment. Adding the lemon juice can aid more in destroying the parasites.
You can use aromatherapy oils in your bathing water or even in your douches. Bergamot oil can help in reduction of the irritating discharge.
Precautionary Measures to be taken for Trichomoniasis
As trichomoniasis is sexually transmitted disease, following safe sexual procedures and maintaining proper hygiene can help in avoiding the condition.
Here are some safety measures that you should stick to:
Use condoms, although they are not completely eliminating the possibility of getting the infection, but they can reduce the degree of infection.
Wash effectively preceding and afterwards the intercourse.
Avert sharing towels and swimsuits.
Shower straightaway in warm water by adding few drops of aromatherapy oil or some other bath gels after swimming in a civic pool.

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