How to care Scarlet Fever?

Scarlet fever is often found in children age between five to fifteen years. It is caused by erythrogenic toxin, due to bacterium called streptococcus pyogenses. This is why it is also known by “Scarlatina”. But no need to worry, it is curable with antibiotics.
The most common symptoms of it are causing sore throat, fever, and red rash on the body. Such rashes can be noticed in the body of children and even into tongue.
If you are wondering how to cure scarlet fever once getting this, now we can go for available options to cure as mentioned below:-
Amoxicillin or penicillin tablets are most preferred antibiotics for this fever. A ten-day course of these antibiotics can be of good help in curing scarlet fever.
Unlike tablets, liquid form of antibiotics can be used. There are people who might be allergic to penicillin. Such people can use erythromycin.
Cool Baths
Cool baths is a basic option that can be used in treating scarlet fever. It helps in reducing fever while a humidifier can be used for relieving sore throat.
It is most advisable and acceptable one to take care off and followed on to avoid such fever. It is to be understood as precautions, to avoid cure. Self-care measures include eating soft foods, drinking cool fluids in large quantities. Further person can use antihistamine tablets or calamine lotion for reliving itching. These are easy self-care measures that can be used for treating the symptoms of scarlet fever.
Over-the-counter Medications
Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin can also be used for controlling scarlet fever. Gargles using salt water can help in minimizing the pain and the severity of sore throat.
Avoiding Social Activities
Surprisingly, it is also worthy to note that to cure scarlet fever, advisable and it is important for you to remain aware of the fact that avoiding social activities can help you do so in an effective manner.

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