Know the Irregular Heart Rhythm Symptoms

Medical name for irregular heart rhythm or irregular heart beat is known as arrhythmia. This is something that does not mean the heart is beating too slow or too fast, but it just means that the heart is beating out of its normal rhythm. Basically out of static range of heart beat.
It is a condition where you might feel that your heart just added or skipped a beat. There are some cases of this condition where a patient might not be able to feel anything because certain arrhythmias are completely silent.
It is most important for people to remain aware of irregular heart rhythm symptoms because the condition can sometimes be harmless, but most of the times it is an emergency.
Irregular Heart Rhythm Symptoms
There are various symptoms in human body caused by arrhythmia. Doctors are able to find that a patient is suffering from arrhythmia even during routine examinations.

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Irregular Heart Rhythm Symptoms and Signs, most noticeable signs of irregular heart rhythm include:
 Fluttering in the chest
 Slow heartbeat which is also known as bradycardia
 Racing heartbeat which is also known as tachycardia
 Shortness of breath
 Chest pain
 Dizziness
 Lightheadedness
 Syncope or fainting which can also be near fainting condition
 Anxiety
 Weakness
 Feeling of long pauses between the heartbeats
These are some symptoms that need immediate medical attention because they can be a sign of even greater problem.

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Other Dangerous Symptoms of Irregular Heart Rhythm
Irregular Heart Rhythm (Arrhythmia) can result in a broad range of various symptoms from the ones which are barely perceptible to the ones leading to cardiovascular collapse and even death. Some of the more dangerous irregular heart rhythm symptoms include:

 Acute pain in the chest
 Sudden collapse or cardiac arrest
 Palpitations
 Chest tightness
 Severe palpitations of the heart
 Sweating

All these symptoms of arrhythmia need to be taken care of in the best way possible.

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