Are you aware of Insulin Pump Pros and Cons?

Are you considering getting an insulin pump therapy as a way to treat type-1 Diabetes and insulin-dependent type 2 Diabetes?
Well, more and more people are wearing insulin pumps to control blood glucose levels and showing excellent results.
But still it cannot be a good option for everyone.
Today let us know about insulin pumps pros and cons on this small write up.
One needs to have clear understanding on pros and cons of insulin pump therapy before opting for it.
Here take a look!

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Insulin Pump Pros and Cons
Insulin Pump Pros
You may possibly be able to level out the body’s frequent blood glucose swings because you receive constant low dosage of insulin.
An insulin pump reduces the need for multiple insulin injections using a syringe.
It improves blood glucose regulation by delivering customized basal rates.
Increases lifestyle conveniences-you can have more flexibility on when and what you eat.
Improves hemoglobin A1c and decreases the risk of developing nocturnal hypoglycemia.
An insulin pump supplies a more accurate and even precise insulin dosage. You can adjust your own insulin levels.
This delivers a unique meal bonus to match the delays in absorption of some foods.
It helps you to perform exercises without having to consume large amounts of carbohydrates.

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Insulin Pump Cons
Your risk of getting infection increases if you do not change the insertion site of cannula for every 2-3 days.
Insulin pump can malfunction since it delivers too much or too little insulin.
You can be at greater risk of developing diabetes ketoacidosis as the pump uses rapid-acting insulin.
Wearing an insulin pump at all times can bother an individual as it causes weight gain or results in skin infection.
Wearing the insulin pump or its supplies is very expensive.
Detaching insulin pump for longer periods can lead to high blood sugar levels.

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