Common Symptoms of Heart Valve Damage You Should Be Aware Of

The exact location of heart valves are at the exit of each of the four heart chambers. The valves carry out the job of maintaining one-way flow of blood through the heart.
The valves ensure that blood keeps flowing freely in forward direction without any kind of backward leakage.
When the valves do not work in the proper manner then you need to agree with the point that any one of your four heart valves has been damaged.
In some patients, the symptoms Of Heart Valve Damage are observed, in some people they appear suddenly and while in some patients, they are gradually observed.

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Common Symptoms of Heart Valve Damage
Some of the most commonly found symptoms of Heart Valve Damage that you need to aware of are as follows:
Symptoms of Heart Valve Damage
a. Difficulty in Catching Breath or Breathing Shortness
People might notice this symptom most while they are active or while carrying out their normal regular activities.
Shortness of breath or difficulty in catching breath can also be experienced when a person lies flat on bed. Such people make use of pillows while sleeping in order to breathe easily.
b. Dizziness or Weakness
People with heart valve damage feel very weak while carrying out normal activities. At times, dizziness might also occur which can be taken as a major symptom.
c. Discomfort in The Chest
People might feel a certain weight or pressure on the chest region while working or when exposed to cold air.
d. Palpitations
This might feel very similar top irregular heartbeat, rapid rhythm of the heart, flip-flop feeling in the chest area and skipped heart beats.

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e. Swelling of the Abdomen, Ankles And Feet
This condition is known as edema. The swelling of the belly might result in feelings of bloating. Weight gain is also considered a major symptom of heart valve damage that needs to be treated on an immediate basis.
f. Heart Murmurs
The unusual sound of the heart beat is called heart murmur and this can be taken as one of the major symptoms of heart valve damage.
However, it is to be noted that there are people who might be experiencing heart murmurs without any kind of damage to their heart valves or without any major heart problems.

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