Choice is yours- Pull A Tooth Or Root Canal – Which One Is Better?

When the pulp of the tooth is infected, the only treatment option to remove the infection is root canal or tooth extraction. Pulp contains vessels, nerves and connective tissues that provide vitality to your teeth.
These two options need to execute for eliminating the infection. If you don’t treat the infection in your tooth, it may spread to bone and ligaments, which can lead to serious complications.
So, which one is the right option?

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What happens if you consider root canal?
Pull a Tooth or Root Canal
Some people think tooth extraction as a better choice than root canal, while some others think root canal as a better option as it saves the natural tooth.
Also root canal is safer and less invasive than tooth extraction. According to several studies, root canal treatment is the best option to preserve patient’s health than extracting a tooth.
When comes to cost perspective, root canal followed by dental crown can be more economical than getting tooth extraction followed by replacement.
What happens if you consider tooth extraction?
During tooth extraction, 68-84% of more bacteria are released into the blood stream compared to root canal.
But, when compared to root canal, tooth extraction is the faster and cheaper option. In case, you want to replace the missing tooth, it will cost even higher than getting a root canal procedure.
If the tooth replacement is not done, then the adjacent teeth will move to occupy the place of missed tooth, which can lead to misalignment of entire teeth. If this is the case, it can lead to several periodontal problems and even lead to teeth mobility.
If you don’t consider tooth replacement, it can also cause chewing problems and even speech difficulties. There are several options for replacing the missed tooth, such as dental implants, partial dentures or dental bridges.
Dental crown is needed even after undergoing root canal treatment in order to give strength to the tooth structure. A dental crown can hide the tooth discoloration caused due to root canal.

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