What are Diabetes Types 1 and 2 Differences?

We all often heard about diabetes and many injecting themselves with insulin.
Confused over which kind of diabetes you have?
Let’s understand the type 2 diabetes and type 1diabetes
Today, we are going to discuss on what is the difference between often-heard terms “type 1” and “type 2” diabetes, which are keeping many lives under risk and some are even losing their lives.
Let us know the difference between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2:
The difference between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 are:
Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are usually characterized by high blood sugar levels but the main cause and development of conditions are quite different.

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Diabetes Types 1 and 2 Differences
Type 1 Diabetes:
It is regularly diagnosed in childhood or young adulthood.
Often linked with more than normal ketone levels at diagnosis.
Symptoms typically begin in childhood. People frequently seek medical help, as they are seriously unpleasant from sudden symptoms of high blood sugar levels.
It cannot be stopped.
All the Prone ethnic groups are at risk for type 1 diabetes.
Mostly Normal or Thin in physical attributes.
The various treatment options for this include dietary plan, insulin Injections, and regular check-up of blood sugar levels: optimal glucose, prevent/treat chronic complications, daily exercise goals, enhance health with food/PA, individual nutrition needs.
Onset is found rapid means within weeks.

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Type 2 Diabetes:
The very commonly diagnosed in over 30 year olds.
It is often associated with cholesterol levels or high blood pressure at diagnosis.
The patient may not find symptoms before diagnosis. Generally the disease is found in adulthood, but an increasing number of children are diagnosed with disease.
It can be delayed or prevented with a healthy lifestyle, including keeping a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and eating sensibly.
Certain ethnic groups including African American, Native American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander are common in developing type 2diabetes.
It is due to mostly overweight or obese.
Treatment options include exercise, diet, weight loss, and in most cases medication and Insulin Injections may also come in use, SMBG.
Onset is found slow in these patients like sometimes it takes years.

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