What are the Stages of HIV? Know the various Stages
HIV is one of the chronic diseases these days. There are various stages of HIV. The abbreviation of HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. These are the retrovirus which infects our immune system because of which the proper detoxification of our body does not happen properly.
Stages of HIV.
Let’s discuss the various stages of HIV.
First Stage:
With a rise in blood HIV concentrations, the CD4 count of an individual falls below 200 leaving the person susceptible to different kinds of cancers and diseases.
In addition, patients may experience flu-like signs such as swollen lymph nodes, rash, sore throat, muscle aches, and fever. The symptoms may last four weeks and be healed afterward. Also regarded as primary infection with HIV, this phase.
Stage 2: Clinically Asymptomatic Phase
This stage takes ten years and the person remains safe of any of the significant diseases except swollen glands during this stage. HIV concentration is very small in peripheral blood during this phase.
However, individuals remain infectious while HIV antibodies in human blood are readily detectable. During this stage, a test for antibodies will emerge with beneficial outcomes.
Stage 3: AIDS
The last phase of this disease is for individuals who want to understand what the phases of HIV AIDS are. The body can not combat cancer and diseases during this phase.
People with AIDS can live without any therapy for at probably 3 years. In a person with CD4 count, this phase is infected with less than 200 cells arising in multiple opportunistic infections.

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Do not come to a conclusion without taking any kind of advice from the doctor. There are a lot of people who will try to misguide you but all you need to do is to follow your doctor’s advice strictly. AIDS can be cued only and only if you are serious towards your treatment. Yes!! It is a deadly disease and can make your life hell but there is always a ray of hope in the black clouds.
A patient suffering from the disease must be regular to the doctor and must be very pro-active towards any kind of changes that he notices in his body as they can prove to be either positive or deadly.

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