Effective gonorrhea throat treatment

It is just an STD which is caused due to bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhea. These bacteria can be easily passed from one person to another by the sexual activity which can be oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. It can even result in vagina infections, anus infections, cervix infections or urethra infections.
This Gonorrhea treatment of throat is essential because if it is left untreated then it can get spread to the higher areas of the reproductive tract. People who do oral sex can get the infection of Gonorrhea throat which is also known as gonococcal pharyngitis. The risk of affecting gonorrhea in the throat is more when oral sex is given to men compared to the woman.
Treatment of Gonorrhea in the throat
There are no symptoms seen in 90 percents cases of this infection in the throat and remaining 10 percents cases experience some common symptoms such as sore throat, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis.
Some of the most available option to treat Gonorrhea throat which can work effectively are included below –
Antibiotics usage
The best treatment option of Gonorrhea is the use of two antibiotics and they are just an oral dose of intramuscular or azithromycin injection of ceftriaxone. It is essential to treat all the sex partners of an infected person. These two antibiotics are very effective in the treatment of Gonorrhea throat but they must be useful in caution.
Medication usage
The effective use of medication such as sequin, Cipro, doxycycline, Levaquin and Zithromax is also useful for the treatment of Gonorrhea throat. The medication is used to treat the STD known as Chlamydia which is also recommended for the treatment of Gonorrhea due to the condition which can actually cause the other STD partner.
Practicing the protected anal, vaginal sex or oral sex
To practice the protected oral sex, anal or vaginal sex is another preventive method for this condition. It is helpful in alleviating any type of re-infection until the entire infection which has been treated completely and thoroughly.

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