5 Home-based method of treating Laryngitis

Laryngitis is the inflammation of the larynx (the vocal cords). It causes by caused by exerting excess strain on the vocal cords. Bacteria or infection may also cause it by a virus. A person being weak with a hoarse voice is some of the symptoms of Laryngitis. The condition may make a person unable to talk.

Sometimes, the acute condition of the infections can heal without significant complications. Nevertheless, a person may get rid of inflammation by applying home remedies.

Home Treatment of Laryngitis

The effective home-based methods for controlling and treating Laryngitis, as discussed below:

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar contains antimicrobial properties that help to suppress bacterial infections such as Laryngitis. Apple cider can be mixed with water and honey to increase its effectiveness in treating Laryngitis.

Onion Syrup

Onion syrup is a form of organic expectorant that can help to help to cure larynx inflammation. The onion syrup is mixed with warm water and some lemon juice and a little honey to get the best result.


Fresh ginger is believed to contain a medicinal value that can kill all bacterial infections. Therefore, ginger soothes the throat as well as the inflamed mucous membrane of the larynx. Ginger can be taken raw or used with honey to taste better in the mouth.

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Warm Salt Water

Warm water can help to kill some bacteria and at the same time helps the healing process of the sore throat and the inflamed larynx. Gargling of warm water on frequent occasion can help in treating Laryngitis.


Garlic contains antimicrobial properties that kill certain bacteria and viruses, and therefore, it works in the form of the organic expectorant. Garlic can be chewed to help in healing inflamed vocal cords.

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