Some common symptoms of Bipolar disorder 2 to search for

Bipolar disorder 2 is a type of mental illness. It is one of four different kinds of bipolar disorders. It is very common in comparison to bipolar 1 and women are the most common victims of this disorder. Symptoms of bipolar disorder 2 include experiencing depressed episodes such as the ones who are suffering from bipolar disorder 1.
Thus, they are also experiencing the hypomanic episodes in place of manic episodes which are common in bipolar disorder 1. Hypomanic episodes are the milder kinds of manic episodes. The symptoms of bipolar disorder 2 can be categorized under the depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes.
Symptoms of bipolar disorder 2
A brief analysis of both the symptoms of bipolar disorder 2 has been offered below –
Signs of depression in people with bipolar disorder 2
Bigger depressive problems might get appear in people who suffer from type 2 bipolar disorder. These have the same criteria to diagnose such as bipolar disorder 1.
The symptoms of bipolar disorder 2 include the depressive episodes which have low and depressed mood with the complete loss of pleasure in doing the things for more than one or two weeks. This depressed episodes consist of the following signs –
Sleeping too much or too little
Depressed mood
Weight loss or gain
No interest or pleasure in all the activities
Appetite decrease or increase
Loss of energy
No self-esteem
Guilt feelings
Hard to make any decisions
No concentration
Signs of hypomania in individuals with bipolar disorder 2
Hypomania takes place in people with bipolar disorder 2 which can be less drastic in comparison to mania and it has very less impact on the functioning of the human body and mind. It does not include the signs of psychosis.

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