Treatments of borderline personality disorder

A borderline personality disorder is a psychological issue that causes mood swings often and even has troubled relationships with surrounding people. We all are available with many medications that have been specially designed to the treatment of BPD but they only decrease the symptoms of BPD, but they are not the permanent cures.
Medications are found to be very effective only when they are useful in combination with other treatments. There are some top five medications useful for the treatment of BPD –
Borderline personality disorder medications
Administration of antipsychotics as a medication of BPD is a great way for lowering the symptoms of BPD and other disorders.
Previously psychiatrists believe that symptoms of BPD were on the border in between neurosis and psychosis. Thus, the antipsychotics include Haldol, Risperdal and Clozaril are recognized as the first medications of BPD treatment.
Antipsychotics have been proved to decrease paranoid thinking, anxiety, hostility, and impulsivity in patients to deal with BPD.
Another effective category of BPD treatment is anticonvulsants or mood stabilizers. Some of the drugs which fall under anticonvulsant class are Topamax, Zonegran, Gabitril, and Lamictal have been shown that they have been effective in treatment rapidly in impulsive behavior and emotion which are associated with BPD.
Anti-anxiety or anxiolytics medications are prescribed for the treatment agitation and intense anxiety which comes along with BPD since poor sleep and anxiety are common symptoms of the disorder.
But, there are some limitations along with benefits to use them as BPD medication. Anti-anxiety drugs involve Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, and Xanax.
The huge variety of antidepressants are useful for the treatment of BPD symptoms such as depression, low moods, and sadness which comes along with the BPD. Few of antidepressants involves drugs which include citalopram, fluoxetine, escitalopram, etc.

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