Aware of the reasons for low iron levels in the blood

Human beings need iron for staying alive. This is because iron is helpful for transferring oxygen to different cells within the body. Healthy adults usually have 4 to 5 grams of iron within their body. The spleen, liver, and the bone marrow are the important warehouses to store the iron reserves.
Iron is the one important mineral which is needed for the proper functioning of the immune system. It is helpful for getting converted into energy which can be used effectively.
Deficiency in the iron can cause anemia and can even affect the proper functioning of the different organs of the body.
Some reasons behind low iron levels
Just have a look at the main reasons for low iron levels in the blood, which you need to get aware of –
Insufficient intake of iron
To eat very little iron for a long time can result in a shortage of iron within the body. Different foods such as meat, eggs and various types of leafy vegetables have high iron contents and thus, they can be taken for normalizing the iron levels within the body.
Blood loss due to menstruation or pregnancy
The most common reasons for low iron levels in women of a child carrying age are blood loss while the birth of a child and heavy bleeding while menstruation.
Internal bleeding
There are some medical conditions which can result in internal bleeding further due to deficiency of iron within the human being’s body. Such examples of these conditions include polyps growth, stomach ulcers in the colon intensity or colon cancer.
Without any supplementation of iron, the deficiency of iron can rise in the pregnant women due to the fact that their reserves of iron need some serving their high volume of blood and even serve as the hemoglobin source to develop the fetus.

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