T12 Spinal Cord Injury strengthening exercise
When one vertebra collapse wedge fracture or compression fracture can occur.
In most cases, it can occur due to a different kind of reasons like extreme vertical trauma and osteoporosis.
The thoracic region in the spine is mostly affected by the compression of fractures. When this condition happens, it is referred to as vertebra T12 or 12 that is found on the spine near the curve.
In most cases, the T12 region is fractured and compressed when someone falls on their buttocks.
When one suffers from T12 spinal cord injury, there is a specific exercise that one need to do that will help in the recovery, increase flexibility, and also retain its core strength.
Cat backstretch
This exercise is used to enhance the mobility of one spine and promotes flexibility. Floor mats are mostly used to offer protection to the knee due to the roughness of the floor. For the exercise place your hand beneath the shoulder and keep your knee under your hips.
Make sure that your spine is straight and lift your head. Next step is to pull up your belly, slowly tilt and make your upper back ground and upwards. Your head should be near them and hold it for a few minutes. Then in a normal position, release it.
While watching slightly release your back somewhat while squeezing the shoulder blades then return to the first position and the work out should be repeated thrice.
Upper back stretch
When one is suffering from T12 spinal cord injury, the exercise will help in the decompressing your spine and also mobility.
With a table in front of you, sit down and rest your arms in front.
With face down keep the palm on the table while bending a little push your arms in front as long as you can . Your head should be on the same height as the table for about 10 minutes. The slowly release and perform the exercise thrice.
Bridge Exercise
This exercise can be performed on the floor or table. Lying on your back, keep the knees bent. Keep your feet firm to the level and your trunk straight, and your arms must be placed on the sides.
While pressing your arms o the floor lift your buttocks from the ground slowly, and it must be done in a straight line from the hips to the shoulder that position stay for about 3to 5 seconds then you slowly lower.
Single leg abdominal press
By doing this exercise, it will allow you to enjoy good abdominals right without the use of crunches. Lying on your back bend your knees and keep your feets flat on the floor and ensure that your back is in a neutral state.
The abdomen should be tightened and raising your right leg slowly until it is above the floor with a few inches. Next, the right hand to be placed near the kneed to ensure that your knee and your hands meet. This position should be held to five counts then go back to the first position.

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