Knee Arthritis symptoms that are common
Some of the common symptoms of knee arthritis are instability, pain, swelling, weakness, and stiffness. The most common type of knee arthritis includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.
The inflammatory disorder that affects the knee joints is known as rheumatoid arthritis, and the wear and tear arthritis are known as osteoarthritis. In most cases, it takes place when the cartilage at the knee bone undergoes the degenerative procedure.
There can be friction if the cartilage at both end contracts, thus causing inflammation in the joint that will cause pain.
Knee arthritis symptoms can vary from one person to another each day, and also, there are some days when there is no pain at all.
Below are some of the common symptoms of knee arthritis
Stiffness is one of the common signs that is commonly found on people and restrict a person movement. In most cases, the stiffness can happen after sleeping for a long time or sitting. To reduce the stiffness doing some exercise before starting the day can help a lot.
Sometimes the symptoms may vary, and it can be good, and other time a lot of pain and the symptoms can get worse when one is anxious, stressed, and tired. Also, the pain in the body can be caused by the chemical that is released.
It is also one of the significant symptoms of the knee that restrict one movement and lead to ache. Ice and Tub grip helps a lot with the swelling.
Pain is a common symptom to many people, and in most cases, it can happen if one tries to squat or to bend and also during different activities that will put the knee to carry the weight like going up and down the stairs and running. Also, even a touch can cause the knee to feel sore, and the pain may fluctuate.
Weakness and instability
One may experience volatility and weakness around the knee. Strengthening exercise will help a lot in reducing vulnerability.

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