Top 10 home remedies to treat pollen allergy
Indian homes have cures to all illnesses provided we make the best use of the ingredients available at hand. Pollen allergies that weaken the immune system can also be treated at home.
Natural home remedies provide instant relief from pollen allergies. Symptoms of pollen allergy include a runny nose due to high mucus production, itching in the nose, ears and mouth areas, sneezing, sore throat, headaches, asthma, and coughing.
Increase Vitamin C intake: Vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation caused by allergic reactions. In the case of pollen allergy, too Vitamin C works as a natural anti-histamine and aids in reducing symptoms.
Butterbur helps in keeping allergic reactions in check.
To remove pollen out of the nasal cavity, saline nasal sprays can be used. This helps in improving the breathing.
Pollen causes a blocked nose. To open up, the nasal passage, eat hot and spicy foods. This will instantly clear your blocked nose.
Turmeric is a panacea against all health problems. Use turmeric in high quantities to find relief from pollen allergy. This will also treat any other undetected issues that you may have.
Regulate humidity using a dehumidifier in your home/room. Increased amounts of moisture in the air can worsen allergic reactions. Keep your room dry with the help of a dehumidifier.
Pollen allergies often cause redness of eyes. Use eye drops to reduce the redness in the eyes.
Use desensitizers before the beginning of the next pollen season. Honey and beeswax work as great desensitizers.
Allergies are irritants. Drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water to reduce the irritation caused by the pollen allergy.
Good hygiene is bad for allergies. Cover your face when outside, breathe through a handkerchief and follow other everyday hygienic habits to keep pollen allergies away.

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