List of healthy summer fruits and vegetable salad recipes
1: Sunflower and grapes salad
The ingredients needed to make this include: cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, fresh basil, red pepper, sunflower seeds, salt and lime. One can also add lettuce leaves when serving.
i. Cut the red pepper and cucumber into your desired sizes
ii. Chop the strawberries cut the grapes into equal halves
iii. Take the basil leaves and chop them well
iv. Squeeze the lime until it gives you some juice and then mixes it with salt and olive oil in a dish
v. Put the veggies and fruits in a bowl containing the sunflower seeds and the basil and then pour the mixture in the dish
vi. Mix thoroughly until the vegetables and the juice mixes
vii. Serve it now and remember to add the lettuce leaves for a good taste
2: Fruit salad in a pineapple bowl
The ingredients include two whole pineapples, two cups of grapes, one cup of blackberries, two tablespoons of lemon juice, two cups of strawberries that have been sliced and a package of cream or vanilla for pudding mix
i. Cut the pineapples at the middle, remove the chunks and set them aside
ii. Take the pieces and combine them with some other fruits to make a fruit salad
iii. Sprinkle the pudding mix and the lemon juice over the fruit salad
iv. Stir very well until the mixture is well combined
v. Put the fruit salad in the hollowed pineapple
vi. Serve and enjoy the fruit salad!
3: Summer fruit and quinoa salad with coconut ginger lime
• The ingredients used to make this salad include two ripe peaches that are diced
• Two cups of fresh strawberries, sliced and hulled
• Four cups of cooked quinoa
• A quarter cup of coconut milk
• Pinch salt, poppy seeds and grated ginger
• Marble syrup, lime zest and fresh blueberries
i. Put the kiwi, peaches, strawberries, quinoa and blueberries in a dish and toss them for sometime
ii. Put the lime zest, coconut milk, poppy seeds, maple syrup, lime juice, salt and ginger in a bowl and stir them continuously
iii. Pour the mixture from the first step over the fruit and mix until the quinoa and fruit are coated evenly
iv. Garnish with your optional garnishes and serve

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