Most recognizable signs of gluten allergies
Gluten is mostly found in barley, rye and wheat and many diseases such as cancer are associated with gluten. It is tough to realize if one is suffering from gluten intolerance as it is less diagnosable. However, there are several signs that one can be suffering from gluten intolerance or is allergic to gluten.
One of them being bloating of the stomach due to improper digestion of the gluten. Constipation and sometimes diarrhea can be signs that one is allergic to gluten. Another sign can be repeated migraines after taking meals containing gluten. Feeling fatigued and foggy brain is another sign. In this scenario, one might feel tired or even lose concentration more often. Memory lapses can also be another effect caused by a gluten allergy.
One can also experience hormonal imbalances since this protein interferes with the hormones of the particular body. Mood swings, feeling disturbed, attention deficiency, dizziness and depression could also be signs that one is suffering from gluten disorder.
There can also be inflammation or swelling on the knee joints, hips and fingers as a result of this allergy associated with gluten. Experiencing fatigue or pain, which even the doctor cannot relate where it is coming from.
Other people may experience needles and pins once in a while, whereby one fails to feel his or her hand or legs. People suffering from gluten allergies may experience these pins and needles more frequently in the legs, arms and feet.
Another sign could be dandruff that is intractable mainly because of celiac disease, which is one of the gluten allergies. Mostly dandruff is associated with eczema, and when this happens, it is always advisable to seek medical attention. If you experience constipation and other signs now and then whenever you consume something that contains gluten, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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