What are the effects of HPV? Know the common health effects
` HPV is a sexually transmitted infection or disease, and it is a very different virus as compared to HIV and HSV. It comes with a lot of effects such as mild or painful lesions which might clear by themselves within a period. However, some may not remove and results in painful sores or even cancer.
It is at this point that one is supposed to seek medical attention from a professional medical practitioner. Some vaccines are beneficial and can be used to cure or prevent the effects of this disease.
It is always good if the condition is diagnosed early to avoid cases such as cervical cancer which can result in death at the late stages of its development.
Some of the common effects caused by this virus when it does not go away include genital warts which appear like a group of small bumps around the genital area.
They can be flat or raised, large or small or seem like a cauliflower. Another effect is cervical, vagina, penis or vulva cancer, which can be very extreme. However, it is good to note that the type of virus that will cause genital warts can or not be the same as the one that causes cancer. The best way is to get screened and know whether you are suffering from this disease. This will help in reducing the health impacts caused by this virus.

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