Your life will be changed with these easy award-winning yet healthy burger recipes

Making something that goes to the extent of being termed as award-winning is everyone’s joy. Preparing a delicious meal is not a hard task as many take them to be since you only follow the recipe. Once the instructions are followed to the letter, then you can be sure that the result will be fulfilling.

Confidence and attention are paramount as one wants his or her dish to be given an award. Burgers are very influential around the globe, and they come in different varieties. They can be easily prepared at home without lots of complications and anxiety provided the recipe is followed well.

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The basis of every burger is a lump of fatty meat and a bun. However, burgers are not created in equal dimensions since they depend on the order and choice.

1: The Fat Doug

This is one of the most thrilling burgers from one of the top chefs in America. The burger contains Swiss cheese, decadent patty, stadium mustard, coleslaw and other ingredients. This recipe also includes a ground brisket and boneless rib with a mixture of sirloin. The method will give the desired burger when followed well

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2: Animal’s Boner Burger

The burger sounds so funny, and apart from that, it has a secret menu. The burger won the contest in Los Angeles in 2015. The recipe contains a very short grounded rib, bone marrow, and chuck with a type of cheese known as jack cheese, onions that are caramelized and poblano chilli.

It is also sauced with a mixture of barbecue and mustard sauce, which gives the burger excellent taste and smell. The sauce is stuffed between slices of marble rye that has been toasted. And the result is yummy.

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3: The Logan County Hamburger

The recipe is something simple with few ingredients that make it something that can be prepared even in lean times. According to Lee, who is the owner of the recipe from the start, the burger contains melted cheese, yellow onion and crisp bread. Even though the ingredients are very few and cheap, the burger is so delicious.

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