Latex Reaction Treatment Options That Works

Latex is milky sap, which is extracted out from the rubber trees. You can see different manufacturing products available in the market, which is produced when the latex is combined with a various chemical to give it an elastic quality.

The nutrients that are present in the rubber latex can also induce some allergy in humans. You can find latex in your daily to use products like shoes, nipples of baby milk bottles, condoms, rubber gloves, and many other products that are used in homes.

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A person who is allergic to latex experiences a reaction when he is exposed to latex product. Sometimes these peoples can also be allergic to bananas.

Latex Reaction Treatment

Let us see what the treatment options available in the market to get rid of this kind of allergy are.

Total Avoidance

Although this is not suggested as most of the products are made of latex, but the persons who are allergic to latex should avoid products made from latex. All the workers who work in this system must be informed about this allergy.

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Allergic people should be restricted to areas where latex gloves are used. This could help them to prevent the inhalation of this airborne powder accidentally. If one cannot avoid these things, then they must wash their hands properly before using them.

Use of Antihistamines

Antihistamines are the best medication for these peoples and to treat the latex reaction treatments. People who get red and itchy skin due to latex products can use antihistamines to reduce the allergy. If you have stuffed nose and you sneeze a lot, then this medication is best for you.

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Soothing Lotion

When the antihistamine is combined with a soothing lotion, then it is best for the affected people.  Soothing lotions like hydrocortisone cream or calamine are an effective way of treatment. However, these antihistamine creams and gels must be avoided.


Although there is no definite cure for latex reaction, this can be only avoided through medicines and other creams.

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