Is Chlamydia Curable? – Treatments and Preventions
If you are in a dilemma that chlamydia is curable or not, then no need to worry, it can be treated and cured. It is a sexually transmitted disease and the bacteria responsible for this disease are Chlamydia trachomatis, which only affects humans.
If you are having unprotected, oral and vaginal sex with the affected person, then you are prone to have chlamydia. Based on the type of sexual activity, it can cause infection in cervix, canal, urethra and the throat as well.
In the USA, this disease is most familiar with young adults and teenagers.
Is Chlamydia Curable?
This disease can be transmitted from the infected mother to the newborn during the childbirth. Infants who are born from infected mothers are prone to have increased risk of pneumonia and conjunctivitis.
Treatments Methods for Answering “Is Chlamydia Curable”
As said before also, this disease is curable, and the people who are infected with it think that it is not curable, and they could not find another love partner. But there are various effective and inexpensive treatments in the hospitals for this kind of diseases.
Doctors often prescribe oral pills like doxycycline, azithromycin, ofloxacin or erythromycin by which this disease can be cured. The dose may vary from one in a day up to ten days regularly.
In case the ailment is severe, then a high dose of antibiotic may be prescribed. According to studies, 95% of the people can be cured in the first course of antibiotics. Both the HIV positive patients and patients who do not have HIV are treated in the same manner.
In case you are pregnant or allergic to some medications, then your doctor may suggest a different kind of drugs. You should prevent yourself from having oral sex and intercourse until the treatment is completed. Consult a doctor immediately if the symptoms persist after the course has been completed.
In case the people who are infected are not appropriately treated, then the risk of re-infection may rise again. If the symptoms persist again and again, then there is a risk that some serious health complications could take place like pelvic inflammatory disease, Reiter syndrome, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility problems.
So immediately consult a doctor and cure yourself of this disease as soon as possible.
How to prevent chlamydia?
The only way to prevent yourself from having this disease is to abstain yourself from sexual contact with the infected person. Other ways to reduce the chance of infection are described as follows.
• Using condoms during intercourse.
• Use oral dam during oral sex.
• Do not make too much sex partners and avoid intercourse with them whom you do not know.
• If anyone has symptoms to STI, then do not have intercourse with them.
• If you have a new sex partner, then at least have a check of STD.
• Inform before having sex that you or your partner has an STD.
• No need to have sex until the treatment is completed.
• Wash the private parts after intercourse.
• Urinate after sexual activity.
• Undergo regular screenings.
• You should know the sexual history of your partner.
• Never share drug-injecting equipment like syringes, needles, filters and spoons.

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