STD That You Could Get From Oral Sex
You can find many people saying that they know much about sex and sexually transmitted diseases. If this is the case, then you must read the below article. Here we will see what the ill effects of having oral sex are.
There are some diseases which you must know that exist if you perform oral sex and how you can be safe from these diseases. Read the below points to know about a few of them.
1. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
HPV is also called genital warts, which results from oral sex and could even cause throat cancer. A white bump that is hard, small and painless can appear on genitalia. This is also the leading cause of cancer in most of the women.
2. Herpes
It is the most common sexually transmitted disease, and there are two types of HPV virus infection.
HSV1: In this case, the sores are visible around the mouth
HSV2: In this case, the sores are visible near genitals.
Once you get infected with these, you cannot get rid of them, but the risk and transmission can be reduced by using condoms.
3. Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea is a disease which is transmitted from oral sex in case the genital are infected with it. It starts with a throat infection and is very difficult to treat.
If left untreated, then these symptoms could increase to sore throat, red spots, difficulty in swallowing food, and discharge of yellow or white pus from the sores. If then also it is left untreated, then it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and epididymitis, which leads to infertility.
4. Syphilis
This disease is extremely contagious and is mainly spread through oral sex. Symptoms include lesions on palms of hand and soles of feet, swollen lymph nodes, fever, hair loss, skin rash, sores, weight loss, headaches, and exhaustion. If left untreated, then this could lead to brain damage also.
5. Chlamydia
It is almost transmitted in the same way as gonorrhea with less female to partner transmission rates.
The symptoms include painful intercourse (in women), burning sensation during urination, rectal and testicular pain and liquid discharge from penis or vagina.

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