Commonly Found Signs of Dementia in seniors
If you are having memory loss symptoms, and these symptoms are accumulating and increasing, then it could turn into disease after some time.
If you have a problem in thinking accompanied by memory loss, then this could be a sign of dementia. This generally occurs in seniors and older adults.
This is generally caused due to Alzheimer’s disease, but if you had a brain injury in the past, then that could be the reason too.
We have enlisted some of the common signs of dementia that is necessary to be taken into account.
Change in Memory
Sometimes you must be forgetting some things and after a short while that this is recalled in your memory. This is the most common change in the memory pattern, and the memory loss is temporary.
E.g., if you ask a question, ask them after a few hours of breakfast that what did they have in their breakfast then they would show a negative response.
Vocabulary is Lost
It does not matter whether the person was a scientist or a great scholar at high school, but if he has dementia then he would have a problem in finding vocabulary. And he would fumble in speaking and expressing in terms of speaking would be painful to him in front of anyone whether it is a relative or a stranger.
Mood Swings
Seniors who have dementia often have mood swings. They would love a person in a minute, and another minute, they would be found hating the same person without any reason. In such cases, it is wise to consult a doctor.
The mood is uncontrollable to him. E.g., if the person has dementia then he could lose interest in anything he performs even his favorite tasks; he will not talk for hours, eat once in a day, keep away from social activities and also lose interest in socializing with people.
Difficulty in Daily Tasks
In case the senior person is facing problem in performing daily chores like combing hairs, brushing the teeth, then he primarily has dementia. It is advisable to seek a doctor in this case.

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