Common Syphilis Disease Symptoms You Need To Know
Also called The Great Imitator, Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease and is very common in humans. This disease is often misunderstood as some other disease and is them misdiagnosed, which then leads to disastrous consequences.
Treponema pallidum bacterium is responsible for this disease, and this passes from the pregnant mother to the child that is in her womb.
The symptoms include sores on anus, rectum, genitals, and also in the mouth.
Common Syphilis Disease Symptoms
You need to know the symptoms of this disease so that if you come across it, then you can quickly get treatment.
Syphilis Disease Symptoms
First Stage Symptoms
At the very beginning, you will find a small chance or a sore at the point from where the infection starts or enters the human body. The symptoms can appear between 10 to 90 days post exposure.
Several sores can appear after it, and they are generally round and do not cause pain. This hurt will disappear in three to six weeks.
Second Stage Symptoms
After a specific time if the first symptoms get unnoticed, then it sores can be accompanied by skin rashes and mucous membrane lesions. These rashes might be understood as common rashes and could be misdiagnosed. They appear as red or reddish brown, rough but they are not itchy.
Other symptoms that can prevail with this are – fever fatigue, hair loss, sore throat, muscle ache, headache, loss of weight, and swollen lymph nodes.
Third Stage Symptoms
If then also the disease is left untreated then worse symptoms will start to appear which includes – the damage of internal organs like the blood vessels, bones, eyes, liver, brain, nerves, heart, and joints.
Many worse symptoms even include paralysis of the body, difficulty in the coordination in muscle and organ, numbness, blindness, and confusion. These symptoms are dangerous if left untreated can also cause the death of a person. So it is vital to take care of this disease so that you can save the life of the person who is infected with syphilis.

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