Best make up routines to glam you up
Winters are all about chapped lips, and dry skin then comes spring where colours start to bloom. Whichever may be the season it is crucial to play with colours, especially if you are a woman who loves to do makeup?
What’s in?
Ombré Orange-Red Lips instantly brighten the room and add a charged energy around you. The natural orange gives a confident, sporty look. To achieve this look, first apply red lipstick on your lips and then use an orange liquid lipstick at the centre of your lips, dab it a little, and it’s done.
Smudgy Eyes – this look can never go out of fashion. Dark smoky eyes, with a smudge, are all you need for a great evening look. Here are the steps to master this look: Apply a light foundation and dust a slightly glittery bronzer for a yellowish glow. Further, use black kohl eyeliner and then mess the eyeliner which gives a smudgy effect. Complete your look with few strokes of mascara on your eyelashes followed by a lip balm, and you are ready to take on the evening.
Two-Tone Lip colours: if you are still contemplating using dark shades of lipsticks like purple or green or ever black, you can first try the two-tone lip colour. Here’s how to do it. Use a matte red colour shade on your upper lips and a hot pink coloured lipstick on your bottom lips. When you are at a distance, your lip colour appears to be the same, but up close, you are using two different colours. The world awaits a different you this summer.
Watercolor Eye Shadow: to stand out from the rest use this secure method for your eyes called the watercolor eye-shadow look. This involves the usage of pastel colours on your eyes. Shimmery lavender, aqua, gold, and chartreuse are the colours that in for this look.
If all this sounds a bit overboard, let us go back to the basics. Clean skin can never go out of fashion. Contrary to its name the no makeup or fresh skin look requires a fair bit of makeup. But this is done only to avoid the visible dark spot and blemishes on your skin. Just use a bit of foundation and concealer to create that confident yet straightforward bright skin natural look.
Above all, make sure your skin and hair are healthy and well-kept so that you are free to experiment with any number of looks and colours depending on the occasion.

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