Lipstick trends: Are Purple are Green Lipsticks in?
Every girl likes to dress up and paint her face with several products available in all shapes, sizes and prices. It heightens her confidence and appearance as far as society at large is concerned.
Applying lipstick has been one of the essential elements of doing makeup. Lipsticks are available in a million colours. Each colour of the lipstick is suitable for a separate occasion and the dress that goes with it.
Purple and green shades of lipsticks have also hit the market and have been very well received with individual segments. These shades have proven themselves to add to the “hotness” of the person wearing it. Safe to say, purple and green are the new trend and are here to stay.
Purple shade Lipstick
This is the utmost bold avatar a woman can dawn on herself. This is a colour when applied to your lips will not allow anyone to look anywhere else. There are great charm and confidence that a woman must carry when she wears this colour. This different colour adds a mystical and unique charisma to the person wearing it.
Green shade lipstick
To pull off this raging colour green on your lips is not going to be easy but it sure will be worth it. Green lipstick ensures everyone around is talking about you and wanting to know your name. Only a woman with high confidence and allure can pull this off.
Here are a few tips when wearing these spectacular shades:
Skin Tone
The amount of application of these shades must depend on your skin tone. So know your skin well and the foundation you are using with it. Make sure they are in perfect sync so that you don’t go wrong with either purple or green shades of lipsticks.
Simplicity in everything else
Once you have decided to wear a loud colour like Purple or Green “go low” with everything else. The rest of your makeup is it your eyes or cheeks should be toned down to drag all attention to your lips alone. Applying too much of everything else could be disastrous.
Make sure your skirt compliments the look. You don’t have to wear the exact colour of your lips, but it shouldn’t be out of place too. Your deep purple lips must match the contrasting colour of your dress or the other way around. Green goes with everything. But, looks especially spectacular with lighter coloured clothes. Choose accordingly.
Make sure to follow these few tips and go bold with green and purple lipstick shades. You are bound to be the life of the next party.

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