Stress and Mental Illness- Know How Stress Worsens the Disease
Fear is a feeling of being disturbed or unsettled due to the current and prevailing situations in an individual’s life. This can be because of financial issues, family conflicts or diseases.
Stress causes a change in behaviour and the operations of a normal human being. Such people tend to withdraw from others, and what they enjoy most is their own company. Some tend to be so aggressive and tempered alongside dangerous mood swings.
Stress can be associated with fewer conversations, lack of sleep, frequent urination and mental disruption. The individual suffers from short-term memory lapses and brains foggy since he or she has a lot of things in his or her mind that has not been solved yet.
Stress can go to the extent of depression, ulcers and mental illness to some extent. The person tends to take less or no meals, and the body continues to be the sick day in day out.
This is because he or she has a lot to think, things to handle in the day and maybe a family to take care.
Lack of sleep, which makes the mind to be unsettled results to mental illness slowly by slowly. These adverse effects mostly occur if the person has no one to share with on what he or she is going through.
Negative emotions at this time can be so overwhelming to the extent of the mind becoming so unstable. It goes to a degree of being unable to reason or make a slight decision. It is as severe as that, and that is why an individual should seek a counsellor at such points or share the situation with someone whom they can trust.
This will help reduce the burden and come up with ideas on how to tackle the situation and go about it reasonably.

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