Bad breathe a disaster: how to get fresh breath
Have you ever had to sit through a conversation where the person had a terrible odour coming from his/her mouth? As disgusting as it sounds a lousy breath impacts the social life of people. Most of the time, the person in question is not even aware of why he/she is a people repellant.
Fresh breath is not just needed as a social clause but is also very important for your good health and wellbeing. The importance of a clean, hygienic mouth is often understated and downplayed. One must remember digestion begins at the mouth, and a poorly maintained mount can make sure you don’t enjoy good health.
Poor oral hygiene is the main reason for bad breath. Lack of proper care of teeth and mouth causes bacteria to form in your oral space, and this produces foul and unbearable smells.
Halitosis or bad breath takes away your confidence, causes embarrassment and creates awkward situations. A smelly mouth is the first indicator of a health issue, especially concerning dental. The common reasons for bad breath include a poor diet, not drinking enough water, not cleaning and maintain teeth, smoking or eating tobacco, high dosage of medicines or a simple reason like onion and garlic-rich diet.
In severe cases, bad breath can be caused because of an ongoing health issue such as diabetes, bronchitis, dry mouth, gastritis, kidney disease, liver disease and infection in the throat, lungs and nose.
Simple tips to cure and prevent bad breath
Bad breath can be dealt at home without spending too much money.
Brush your teeth regularly. Make sure no food goes into your mouth without proper brushing of your teeth and gargle to remove the accumulations overnight. Good oral hygiene includes brushing, flossing, cleaning of the gums, tongue and cheeks.
Clean your tongue. If your tongue has a layer of white/off-white/yellow residue, you need to clean your tongue using a tongue cleaner.
Drink a lot of water. Sometimes a dry mouth causes an onset of bacteria and therefore, bad breath. Make sure your intake of water is optimum from the perspective of good health and oral hygiene.
If possible, avoid eating raw or cooked onion and garlic in large quantities as this gives a peculiar smell to your breath.
Floss at least once a day to remove hidden food particles from your gums and teeth.
Gargle with warm water and salt, or you could also buy mouthwash that eliminates germs from your mouth and gives a clean, fresh breath.
Follow a healthy diet by including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables — these help in keeping the mouth clean naturally. Also, proper digestion ensures your mouth does not smell.
Chewing fresh herbs like rosemary thyme and parsley can keep bad breath at bay. You can also use clove, which has many health benefits.
Do not chew or smoke tobacco. This not only harms your health and kills you slowly; it is also the main culprit of bad breath.
Sugar-free mints and gums may sometimes be used to keep your mouth clean and help in secreting saliva.
Last, but very important is a regular visit to the doctor. A proper and regular dental checkup can reveal problems that we cannot know ourselves. A regular visit can prevent some unforeseen issues and problems.

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