Here Is How You Can Cure a Hangover Fast And In The Best Way!
Do you drink?
Though it does not specify what is to be drunk, but the answer is universal, i.e. liquor.
Although liquor liquidates the body of water, still, it is socially accepted or perceived as an integral part of human emotions and society. Joy, Sorrow, Anxiety, Conspiracy, Hypocrisy etc. are just a few reasons/excuses to open up and bottom up.
In a lighter vein, it is also a typical favourite drink among Gods, Demons, and Humans. So Cheer or Chill out, without reasons or seasons but within the limit.
However, limits are often crossed. Aftermath comes to the hangover which keeps hanging over heads.
We bring you the best solutions to recover from a hangover.
1) Water:
Alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body resulting in headache, nausea and fatigue. Hence collection must be supplemented by the right amount of water intake, which also flushes out toxin substance from the body. Massive consumption of water in between the drinks also lessens the hangover effects.
2) Ginger Lemon Tea:
It has medicinal property as it is anti-inflammatory and prevents nausea.
Tea brewed with fresh ginger and lemon slices gives better results.
3) Green Juice:
After an alcoholic cocktail, now time for vegetable cocktail especially with celery!!! The chemical composition of this drink has electrolyte and sodium, which gives lots of relief from hangover effects like nausea, vomiting, headaches, and dehydration.
4) Coconut Water:
It contains potassium and electrolyte, which helps to rehydrate the dehydrated body.
Another substitute for coconut water is sports drinks.
5) Asparagus:
It contains amino acids which fasten breaking down of alcohol, thus preventing more damage to the liver and gastrointestinal system of the body.
Hence eat enough asparagus after a few drinks.

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6) Avocado:
It supplements potassium to the body. Alcoholic beverages reduce the potassium levels resulting in muscle spasms, weakness and dizziness.
Physiologically speaking potassium maintains cellular fluid homeostasis, hence include avocado to reduce hangover effects.
7) Breakfast
It’s must not be skipped and preferably taken with eggs, which are a rich source of essential nutrients, including B12, calcium, vitamin D.
8) Sleep:
Indirectly helps the body to recover from a hangover as it relaxes the body during sleep.
Drink socially, not especially!!!

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