Best natural remedies for healthy gums
Healthy teeth and healthy gums go hand in hand. Most often, while we take care of our teeth to keep them shiny white, we forget that the root of their sustenance is in the gums.
Keeping gums clean and healthy is the best way to avoid many dental problems.
Here are some of the natural remedies for gums healthy:
Massaging gums
Occasional massage of the gums keeps them young and prevents ageing. Post-brushing, a gentle massage to the gums, removes plaque. Gums are highly soft and delicate; therefore, only use your fingers to massage them. You can use mustard oil with salt for massaging the teeth and gums. This prevents germ build-up and keeps the gums healthy. The blood flow to the gums keeps them activated for more extended periods.
Use a tongue cleaner
To have the overall well-being of the oral cavity, all elements inside the mouth need to be taken care of. The tongue usually has a layer of deposits, and this can work adversely against you. Therefore a tongue cleaner must effectively be used to keep your mouth clean and fresh.
Eat the right foods
It is highly essential that what goes into your mouth is watched. If you eat foods with several preservatives or aerated drinks, it is bound to create an adverse health effect for you. Your diet must consist of several raw fruits and vegetables that clean your palate as they are consumed.
Intake of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is considered to be the number one healer of several issues in the body. A diet that contains natural amounts of Vitamin C in the form of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits will take care of your teeth and gums without any significant efforts from your end.
Natural Cranberry Juice
Sugar-free cranberry juice helps remove bacteria from the surface of gums and teeth. For the best effect, this juice must be consumed without any added sugar or preservatives.
Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil can be bought from any pharmacy. This helps to reduce decayed gums and pain arising from it. However, prevention is better than cure, therefore make sure to prevent any oral dental problems by applying proper day to day methods of hygiene.

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