How to Reverse Tooth Decay? Try These Best Remedies
In this article, we will see what the ways and cures that you should know for preventing tooth decay are. If you find medical attention too expensive, then you can opt of natural remedies also as these remedies are inexpensive, painless and useful.
You will find many people giving you suggestions that the removal of a tooth is the only solution to tooth decay, but this not valid. The reversal of tooth decay can be done by natural means also.
How to Reverse Tooth Decay Naturally
Following are the natural remedies which help in reversing of tooth decay and that too in an effective manner.
Comfrey Roots
With comfrey roots, the reversal of teeth decay is amazingly fast, and things like the re-growth of bones, tissues grow speedily.
Organic Egg Shells
If we talk about natural eggshells, then these are a rich source of calcium and minerals. They have all the ingredients which are responsible for perfect teeth growth. The chemical composition is very identical to the bones and teeth so they should be consumed regularly.
Sea Salt Water Solution
Sea Salt water solution also has the power to prevent the internal damage of teeth as the acids get under the gums by penetrating the pores of the teeth.
Oil Pulling
This is the most effective and preferred way to reverse tooth decay. This oil has a composition of natural oils which includes neem seed oil, sesame oil and olive oil. This oil has to be rubbed on the teeth for approximately 10 minutes, and as the oil gets thicker, it helps in pulling the bacteria from the tooth, which ultimately results in the reversal of tooth decay.
Taking Horsetail
This is an herb which strictly helps in the reversal of tooth decay. This is an herb, so it is available in the home also. It is also called as horsetail as it is composed of silica which also helps in reversal of tooth decay and that too in an effective manner.

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