Best options of treatment for Anaemia during pregnancy to go for
Anaemia has been seen as a critical condition for human beings and especially for women during pregnancy. This condition mostly results from the lack of enough erythrocytes, which are essential in the transfer of oxygen to the rest of the body tissues. It has many effects as it can lead to termination of pregnancy, premature birthing or even the birth weight to go down. This is because when a woman is pregnant; her body tends to produce excess blood, which assists in the supply of nutrients that are needed by the growing infant. Anaemia is risky to both the mother and the baby, and proper precaution and treatment are highly recommended. There are the various treatments for Anaemia for a woman during pregnancy that is effective and safe. These treatments include:
1: Consumption of food rich in Iron and Vitamins:
Vitamins add a significant amount of advantage to the body of a pregnant mother as they reduce the risk of contracting other infections and diseases such as scurvy and the rest. Iron boosts the immunity of the mother and the infant as both tend to share the supplements. This type of routine helps in reversing the effects of Anaemia at a high note.
2: Blood transfusion:
In some cases, the pregnant individual might be required to have a tremendous amount of blood in the system, and when her blood is not enough, transfusion is carried out. However, this practice should be conducted with a lot of concern to avoid transfusing contaminated blood, which can result in negative impacts on the mother and the baby. The blood being transfused should correspond to the individual’s antibodies to avoid severe reactions.
3: Proper dieting and nutrition
Anaemia calls for proper diet in all aspects, especially when it comes to food rich in vitamins and Iron as this stimulates blood a great deal. Vegetables are an added advantage in fighting Anaemia. Furthermore, pregnant women are usually advised to consume the prenatal drugs that are rich in Iron and other supplements. All these contribute to the effective treatment of the disease.

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