Loose Teeth Gum Disease Treatment Options to Opt From
Gum disease is a severe disease to be dealt with strictly. In the starting, the gums start to inflame, and as time passes and if the condition is not taken into account, then it can even result in loss of bone.
In Periodontitis, firstly the plaque starts to build on the teeth, and this plaque has certain bacteria which have a terrible effect on gums.
Plaque if left untreated can result in the loss of teeth. You can treat this disease with certain reshaping antibiotics, bone grafting and deep cleansing.
Loose Teeth Gum Disease Treatment Options
Below treatment methods work effectively on these types of diseases:
Splinting Teeth
With this treatment, the teeth get stabilized. This stabilization results as a new coronal metal splint is attached to the interior of teeth, and this method only works in the frontal teeth. An intracoronary metal bar splint is also designed explicitly for the teeth which are at the back portion of the mouth.
Root Planning
When the signs of loose teeth are visible, then this treatment is tremendously, and this treatment also helps in reshaping of the entire tooth so that all the rough spots can be filled up which are a source of germs buildup. After this process, laser treatment is done so that tartar and plaque can also be removed from the teeth.
Occlusal Bite Adjustment
This treatment is best to choose from all other treatment methods. In this method, the occlusion or the bite is adjusted, and the teeth are reshaped by scratching the biting surface. By this method, the tooth receives very little force.
Antibiotic Treatment
In this process, the antibiotic is directly placed on the gum. This method securely minimizes the gum disease, which is a cause of loose teeth. With this treatment, the harmful bacteria are also eliminated, which are also responsible for other illnesses which can penetrate in the body through the mouth.
Bone Grafting
If we say that bone grafting is the most preferred and effective way to treat gum disease; then I will not be wrong. In this treatment method, the gum itself has pulled away from the teeth so that the roots and the pockets can be filled.

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