Treatments to Relieve From Pain from Cracked Tooth
Teeth are usually powerful but sometimes due to wear and tear, they can become weak and can crack or chip very easily.
If you try something hard with your teeth, then they can break or crack. Sometimes when the teeth absorb the sudden amount of hit, then also the teeth can be cracked or can result in cavities. It can also result in the weakening of tooth if there are large or old filings that are not supported by tooth enamel.
When you chew the food, it puts an enormous amount of pressure on the tooth. Then at that time, you could feel the pain. The pain can be variable, i.e. sometimes it can come and go with time.
Treatments for Pain from Cracked Tooth
Pain from Cracked Tooth
Dental Filling
The dental fillings are a great option to get rid of a cracked tooth or when the tooth is completely damaged the tooth pulp. Sometimes the dental crowns can also help in understanding the relief from the broken or fractured teeth.
Endodontic Treatment
This is also one of the active and best treatment methods to get relief from the cracked and completely damaged tooth pulp. Root canal treatment comes into play when the tooth gets cracked due to the bacterial infection of the tooth.
When you want to remove the cracked tooth, this process is called Apicoectomy. This is similar to the process when the tooth is ejected out from the root to get relief from the toothache.
Use of Pain Relief Medications
Certain medications can also be used to get relief from toothache. These medications can not only relieve the pain but also can get soothing relief from the inflammation caused due to a cracked tooth. However, these medications should only be taken under medical supervision.
Clove Oil
This oil has a chemical called eugenol, which has antimicrobial and antiseptic functions by which you can get relief from the toothache fast enough. This oil is to be applied through the use of cotton, just put some oil in the cloth and run it along the infected tooth to get instant relief.

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