Morning Rituals for Beautiful Teeth [Infographic]
Who does not loves a beautiful teeth structure? It gives a glow on the face when you smile. But unknowingly you are unaware of the fact that the whiteness and health of the teeth are depreciating. Here are some of the habits which are to be avoided.
No Bottle Feeding In Nights
Many of the babies and children have the habit of holding the nipple of the feeding bottle in the mouth and sleeping. They keep it with the teeth throughout the night. This damages the teeth and is the leading cause of teeth decay.
The solution to this problem is simple. Do not use feeding bottles in the night. In place of the bottle, you can use glass or even spoon to feed the children. After milk feeding is over make a habit of brushing the children teeth or least making they drink a glass of water.
This was one small example. Like this there are several instances where we get ignorant like improper brushing, smoking, using the teeth to open the bottle caps, biting the pencil, thumb sucking, using a toothpick to remove the fast food in between the teeth.
The infographic explains all the consequences of our habits, and it also contains elements of how we can tackle this situation.

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