Long term effects of Dementia that you need to know
Dementia is a disorder that mainly affects older people and other human beings in general. It is associated with memory loss, lack of appetite, and to some extent, loss of sight.
Some experience problems when it comes to speaking and even relating things becoming hard for them. Dementia can result in sick thinking or problem-solving skills where you get that the individual is taking a million years in tackling a simple task or coming up with a simple idea. Stammering also affects such people, and reasoning is an issue to them.
You’ll get them doing a lot of repetition as they cannot remember if they ever said such a thing in the past. They tend to be irritable, and some have mood swings such that they cannot relate with other people in a positive dimension.
They want to alone, and this results in withdrawal and some instances, stress, and depression. They become so aggressive when they are corrected since they consider themselves to be right every time.
They become less motivated as they consider themselves to be in their world and take it as if people do not want to listen to them.
They are somehow judgmental and cannot give a positive remark in many cases. This is because of some changes in their interactions with one another and some behavioral changes that affect them.
The people who have Dementia become so anti-social and form their cocoon where they become so suspicious of other people. They cannot follow a routine effectively because their minds are somehow clogged.
They are challenging to handle, and it takes high strength and responsibility to live with them. This is because they cannot understand matters clearly, and when you try explaining to them, they see it as being opposed.
It is therefore crucial for those people living with them to show love and most importantly, attention. This will make them feel like they really belong to the community and that they are appreciated regardless of their situation.

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