Five methods of natural remedy for teeth whitening
Some teeth contain a brownish color and layer, which makes them look awkward. Some people are born that way, but others get the color due to the consumption of salty water or substances that give them a brown color.
It is not a pleasing experience at all because it makes an individual feel intimidated in front of other people, and some go to the extent of failing to accept their situation and work on it.
Everyone loves white teeth, and that is why it is advisable for those having brown teeth to seek medical attention to get to know how they can be helped. However, some natural remedies can help with teeth whitening.
These remedies need to be used following a specific routine for them to give maximum benefit. They need to be repeated to be effective. Ash from the wood has been seen as the best natural remedy that can be used to whiten the teeth.
This is because ash wood ash acts as a bleaching agent and thus becoming effective in removing the brownish color.
It also contains potassium hydroxide ions that can facilitate in faster whitening of teeth. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used through the impact can be severe to the jaws and cheeks of the mouth. This is because hydrogen peroxide is very reactive though it can be used.
Some natural herbs can be used that are usually in the form of twigs. Brushing the teeth thoroughly with them can help whiten them.
Lemon peels contain some bleaching mechanism. When rubbed against the teeth, they help in faster removal of the brownish color in a short period.
Vinegar from apple cedar is another remedy that can be used to whiten the teeth when combined with soda. The paste formed can give a satisfactory result when used for brushing the teeth. These and many more natural remedies can help in whitening the teeth.

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