7 body signs when on periods and its Symptoms

In women they go through physical changes in their body mostly when there is the self-shedding for transformity.However there are also some other changes that they go through during the cycle that happen every month.

Women always have a different experience in their periods; in some it is unendurable and excruciating and in some its nothing hysteric and they just have a slight flow of blood.

The following are seven experiences that women have during their periods:

1. Emotions that Burst Up like Balloons:

Sometimes one can find them self-crying and staying awake in the middle of the night and wonder what might be the reason. When this happen heir periods is on their way and they need to prepare.

Further during the period there is always the rise and fall of hormones mainly the estrogen and an individual may not know they have been experiencing premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Sometimes one can be depressed and experience their darkest moments which comes at any time and in some occasion an individual can laugh without stopping.

When one experience this and extreme mood swings people tend to take them to be immature and acting in a childish way.

One more thing to girls they should avoid coffee because it drives them crazy more than men.

2 .How did I get this cloddish

In most of the cases one or two week before one may start asking themselves and wonder as to why they grow elegant all of a sudden.it may happen when there is increase in hormones level such as estrogen.

Further, the result to this is that one may begin wandering as a clumsy soul with tender breast and balance will be lost just because of the absorption of the fluid.
One may be advised that during the menstruation period it is best to get some early sleep, one can fix the balance by doing yoga and in everything one should take some time.

3. Moody Appetite:

At one point there is either the longinging for something tasty; one can live with agony or even being envious for not being able to savor. All this might be caused by the craving one experience for the food they have not seen yet or one can be in a situation of not wanting anything including the cereals.

One is always advised when there is a situation where one is in a mood swing the option can be in every two hours one can take tiny portion of a healthy snack.

4. Are You Running To Bathroom More Often

Potty problem is one of the weirdest things that an individual go through during their periods.

It happens in situation where your friend and you find a very good shopping destinations and the both of you land on items which are kept on discount and one feel that the plan hit right on point.

As one is in a conversation mainly about stimulation ,an individual can hate themselves because they remember on how frequently you were going to the toilet and if not that there is remorse that involve constipation and that can keeps you in the bathroom for some hours stranded.

Such problems are caused by the progesterone imbalance and as a result it gets all the credit.

Girls take calcium or vitamins B6 which will sooth the tummy.

5. Oh No: Aches, Cramps, Body Pain and Migraines

During the period the toughest battle is dealing with the experiences that your body experience like stomach cramps, migraines and body pain.Further, there can be tooth sensitivity and gingivitis that just appear from nowhere.

The dropping of estrogen level may cause the chronic throbbing headache which makes it harder during the periods.

When one has a head ache during this period springs can help relieve the pain also cluttering and taking a breath can also help.

6. Prone To Yeast Infection

Just before the periods, have you ever gone through a series of itches or burn?
For most people it is a yes, thus it can be described to be caused by the ph. imbalance that triggers the yeast infection.

These symptoms can be avoided when one change pad/tampons and eating healthy every hour and most importantly avoiding using strong chemical soaps materials to avoid making the yeast worse.

7. Today is Work out Day

During the periods one can take a motivation to go to the gym and do some exercise to relive some menstruation cramps also during this period your hormones are at their lowest point.

Don’t freak out when you feel some hysteric about everything because you now know some of the signs and symptoms that girls go through during this period

You are connected to the same transformacy so one should not be alone because a day will come when you will be a proud mum.

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